The Top 10 Most Popular Fonts at HypeforType

June 16, 2017 , In: Inspiration

We shine the spotlight on a lot of different kinds of font from time to time here at HypeforType, but sometimes it’s worth asking what you’re keeping under a spotlight.

There are a lot of different ways to browse our selection, but we keep tabs on which fonts are most popular. These are the fonts you guys are most likely to buy – and why? Well, we’ll let our readers be the judge. Take a look…

F37 Bella by Face37

F37 Bella FontAn exclusive font to our site from the expert design skills of Face37 – one of the best font fountries working today – this Didot-inspired font is a great contemporary serif and stencil building on classical lines, evoking classic magazines and headline articles.

Download F37 Bella

Quainton by Sawdust

Quainton FontA font eight years in the making, Quainton is a beautiful reinvention of a classic font style, with slim, clean lines and striking artistry that speaks to an art deco sensibility. If you haven’t investigated Quainton yet – why not? Now is the time.

Download Quainton

Idler by Central Type Company

Idler FontA beautiful layered all-caps font, Idler hearkens back to the classic cinema signs of yesteryear, creating a hopeful ambiance which looks to the future even as it stays rooted in a simpler time. Simply classic.

Download Idler

Turnright Bevel by Jamie Winder

turnpbev3Another multilevel type system, Turnright Bevel is a great font on its own which becomes something truly special when paired with Turnpike Display. This one deserves to be singled out as a designers’ dream; for that reason, it’s supplied exclusively as a vector font.

Download Turnright Bevel

Publica Play by FaceType

Publica Play FontFew typefaces allow for the kind of flexibility in line weight that Publica Play can offer. At lighter weights it’s a beautiful, clean sans with just a little bit of character incorporated; at heavier weights the character comes to the fore. The result is an incredibly flexible font for almost any purpose.

Download Publica Play

Geometrica by Latinotype

Geometrica FontWith ten uprights and ten italics, there’s a lot of flexibility to Geometrica, too – we’re spotting some patterns in what our customers want right now! The inspiration is simple; upper case/lower case and small caps characters keep the same proportion. The result speaks for itself.

Download Geometrica

Alex Trochut/Neo Deco by HypeforType

Neo deco fontDesigned by Alex Trochut and built by HypeforType, Neo Deco is a new spin on old art-deco lettering by a designer with impeccable pedigree. Deco is clearly back in fashion – are you ready yet?

Download Alex Trochut/Neo Deco

F37 Ginger by Face37

F37 Ginger FontA strikingly clean sans, F37 Ginger is the second of Rick Banks’ creations to make it to the top 10. The font gives modernist Swiss font work a contemporary geometric twist designed to bring it up to date in a second – and it certainly pops off page or screen as a result!

Download F37 Ginger

Aphrodite Slim by Typesenses

Aphrodite slim fontWhat’s next? How about a flexible font family in the calligraphic school, with many variations for slightly different takes on elegant handwriting drawing on all kinds of inspirations from lettering books to designers’ work. This is a great addition to any toolkit.

Download Aphrodite Slim

Sofia Pro by Mostardesign

Sofia ProModernism is the watchword for this font, with a design that emphasises round curves and harmony in its design. The result is characterful at any weight, standing out easily and crisply. A fantastic condensed sans for use when you need to catch the eye.

Download Sofia Pro