Top 30 brush script fonts of 2016

July 27, 2016 , In: Top 50 Fonts

Trends within Graphic Design are constantly changing. If you’ve been following them recently then you’ll of noticed the sudden explosion of new brush script fonts which put simply, are everywhere! One of the reasons I believe this new trend has become so dominant within the type scene is purely down to the fact that brush script watercolour style typefaces are so versatile and easy to pair with other sans-serif and serif typefaces. So with that in mind we’ve pulled together a definitive list of our Top 30 brush script typefaces for 2016…

Amelia Script – 2 fonts by Blessed Print

Amelia Script FontOnly a year old, this handwritten newcomer comes courtesy of the awesomely named Maroon Baboon foundry and is equal parts whimsical and fun. Reminiscent of ribbons, the loops are a playful addition that really lift the font off the page. Plays nicely with illustrations and soft colours too.

Shop Amelia Script ›


Artful Beauty – 1 font by Joanne Marie

Artful Beauty TypefaceThe title says it all. This font is full of frills yet so easy to read. Part paintbrush, part fountain pen styling, it’s got plenty of pizazz and great space coverage with those deep descenders and flourishing finishes. Put a beauty in your basket today and go to town with the results.

Shop Artful Beauty ›


Betterfly – 4 fonts by Blessed Print

Betterfly FontOne you start mixing the Smooth with the Regular plus a dash of Alternates you could lose a happy afternoon getting the best mix out of the funky Betterfly family. Every letter has a distinct character all its own which makes working with this one a real pleasure. Bags of swashes and cool inky splashes are just the icing on the cake.

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Canvas Acrylic – 39 fonts by Yellow Design Studio

Canvas Acrylic FontThis font would be a bargain at any price with nine inventive family members coming as standard. The bouncy brush options are only the beginning, you can contrast with a drop-shadow sans, a tarnished slab, an Aladdin’s cave of cute icons and one of the nicest inline options around.

Shop Canvas Acrylic Megafamily ›


Enjoy The Ride – 2 fonts by Vintage Design Co

Enjoy The Ride FontThe surf is most definitely up with this beach ready brush. Realistic imperfections and a cool/trashy 80s look beg for neon and sunny colours to bring this bad boy to life. The uppercase characters work excellently all by themselves, which is a rarity for brush work. Bag this one today and head for the sun.

Shop Enjoy The Ride ›


Faith & Glory – 2 fonts by Set Sail Studios

Faith And Glory FontAll the finest features from the world of brush scripts come together in this finessed font from Set Sail Studios. Faith & Glory contains two distinct yet complementary versions – a flowing lower-case cursive and a towering all-caps. Great for logo, branding or text headers. Praise be!

Shop Faith & Glory ›


Felt Noisy – 2 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

Felt Noisy TypefaceJust as the name suggests this one is definitely LOUD. Starting life from a faulty felt tip pen, the end result is a bold brush that bursts with attitude and has an appealing tarnish that could only be the real thing. Get it, get colouring, and get loud.

Shop Felt Noisy ›


Flow Handscript – 1 font by Tander Ardali

Flow Handscript TypefacePlump and fine intertwine in this fun to curate handwriting brush font that gives the designer excellent control over the finished appearance. By tweaking the ligatures and browsing for cool alternates there are endless fresh looks to be had from this flexible goody.

Shop Flow Handscript ›


Have Heart – 3 fonts by Set Sail Studios

Have Heart TypefaceIf you need major impact from a brush you can confidently reach for the Have Heart family and know you’ll get your money’s worth. Loads of energy is packed into the thick strokes with short sharp finishes, giving a real sense of speed on the screen. The chunky build means you can go for broke with colour choices too.

Shop Have Heart ›


Joella – 2 fonts by Joanne Marie

Joella TypefaceA pleasing blend of thick brushstrokes, slender connectors and fun little loops, this font also has a smooth edged finish throughout which also lends a touch of elegance. Picks up colour really nicely and certainly won’t look out of place in fashionable places.

Shop Joella ›


Kinfolk Pro – 6 fonts by Fontforecast

Kinfolk Pro TypefaceThis font lets you take the Rough with the Smooth, and throws in a playful Script for good measure, and value. The variations between the two main styles mean you can get rustic or smart out of the same package, and while many new brush fonts look alike, this one is truly unique.

Shop Kinfolk Pro ›


Lickety Split – 1 font by Tyler Finck

Lickety Split TypefaceAlready winning points for the font with the coolest name, Lickety Split is a fitting title as this likeable number has all the speed and street cool of spray-tag graffiti. Full of skater vibes, plus we love the splatters that come with each letter. Spray it and split.

Shop Lickety Split ›


Mallows – 1 font by Maghrib

Mallows FontYou can really sense the brush strokes on Mallow, it’s bold and generous on the down-stroke, neat and nimble in the detail. Single words ring out loudly with this font, and go big so you can enjoy the finer points like a bouncing baseline and fun splatters.

Shop Mallows ›


Messy Script – 1 font by Maghrib

Messy Script FontNeat freaks need not apply, but plenty of designers are going to love this scratchy ‘n’ scrawly font package that’s ready to pop off the page. The Messy uppercase letters in particular are real show-offs so you can go for broke with short bursts of text and plenty of texture.

Shop Messy Script ›


Mila Script Pro – 6 fonts by FaceType

Mila Script Pro FontThere’s some refined penmanship at play in this calligraphy inspired font, with optional swooping and swirling connections to bring out different finishes to your work. Comes with a complementary set of sans which makes branding work a tempting option.

Shop Mila Script Pro ›


Natalia Script – 1 font by Maghrib

Natalia TypefaceNatalia suits so many uses – something fun and festive, a special occasion, a summer event – Natalia will fit the bill. Shamelessly decorative and flamboyant, Natalia is customisable to your desire with a wealth of decorations and glyphs to bring out the most of this intricate hand-drawn must-have.

Shop Natalia Script ›


Quite Hustle – 2 fonts by Maghrib

Quite Hustle TypefaceThe Bold is built of thick strokes fresh from the paint pot, while the main face is the speedy squiggle of a talented calligrapher. Side by side they gel perfectly. Each letter is textured with an appealing tarnish that looks even better with colours and patterns layered on top. Do the Hustle.

Shop Quite Hustle ›


Rebel – 2 fonts by Joanne Marie

Rebel Script TypefaceThis particular Rebel has a cause, which is fine handmade font design. Originating from a series of maker pen experiments, the realistic finish remains intact for the finished product. You can really pump up those initial caps to get some impact and let the glyphs add some charm.

Shop Rebel Script ›


Rissa – 1 font by Maulana Creative

rissatypeface2Uniquely, Rissa manages to carry super thick strokes within a very compact letter form and yet remain 100% legible. There’s a feeling to this font that’s both retro and modern at the same time, which only multiplies the possible uses you’ll find for it.

Shop Rissa ›


River Side – 2 fonts by Maghrib

River Side FontEarthy, outdoorsy and intrepid – that’s the feel of River Side hand drawn font. The grainy surface finish lends a totally organic look, think tree bark or rough stone, while the high-speed feel of the individual strokes hint at the extreme sports side of outdoor living.

Shop River Side ›


RSVP Brush – 1 font by Outside The Line

RSVP Brush TypefaceRSVP sits very happily at the comic book end of the brush font spectrum. There’s a cool Roy Lichtenstein vibe about the perfectly digital brushstroke textures. The idea with RSVP is definitely to go BIG, so be sure and RSVP to this bargain.

Shop RSVP Brush ›


Rusty Cola Pen – 2 fonts by Maghrib

Rusty Cola TypefaceYou can almost smell the ink on this one, it’s super fresh, funky and perfectly rough at the edges. Staying as true as can be to its handcrafted original, the irregularities make it stand out against the competition. The full caps are an inspirational quote-writer’s dream. In Rust we trust!

Shop Rusty Cola Pen ›


Shellahera – 3 fonts by Lostvoltype

Shellahera FontIf you like your wedding invites cool, your packages inviting and your labels downright lovely, you should shell out for Shellahera from Typeface. There’s musical motion built into the baseline of this ribbon font that will leap out at you for just the right project. Add to your font book today.

Shop Shellahera Script ›


Snatchy Script – 1 font by Artimasa

Snatchy Script FontAnother dynamic outing from the Artimasa stable, Snatchy Script brings a fun and unique energy to the world of brush fonts. The underlying cursive structure is totally fluid and the likeably wonky letters give Snatchy the kind of character you’ll want to borrow for loads of projects.

Shop Snatchy Script ›


Spacethink – 1 font by Giemons

Spacethink FontProving that a modern brush font can be organic and techno-savvy at the same time, Spacethink brings brush work into the future. This font could be fresh from the cover of a sci-fi novel or movie poster, with its cool zig-zags and spiky finishes. Get some cool electrical flash into your next design.

Shop Spacethink ›


Stephanie Jane – 1 font by Joanne Marie

Stephanie Jane FontStephanie Jane dispenses with the frills of many contemporary hand-lettered fonts and its simplicity is its appeal. If you want a font that looks like the handwriting of an old friend, Stephanie Jane could be her. Another gem from script/brush maestro, Joanne Marie.

Shop Stephanie Jane ›


Stick-A-Round – 2 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

Stick-A-Round TypefaceAn off-shoot of the fun and funky Daft Brush, Stick-A- Round has evolved into its own crazy family. It’s perfect for signs and logos as every letter has 4+ versions plus there’s full set of alternates. Stick-A- Round would look spot on in your favourite brunch menu and more besides, so order extras!

Shop Stick-A-Round ›


Sunset Hill Duo – 4 fonts by Sunset Hill Duo

Sunset Hill Duo TypefaceA fine example of digitised hand lettering, taken fresh from real brush pen work, and including two complementary versions that sit side by side in perfect font harmony. You can opt for a touch of authentic marker pen texture on either set, and the upright spacious letter forms are just so easy on the eye.

Shop Sunset Hill Duo ›


The Treasured Years – 1 font by Set Sail Studios

The Treasured Years TypefaceAnother perfect pairing, The Treasured Years marries a thick characterful paint brush with a bright display version that you can mix and match endlessly. The detail in the individual paint strokes is a real labour of love from designer Sam Parrett, and it definitely shows in the dazzling finished product.

Shop The Treasured Years ›


Wanderlust Collection – 13 fonts by Cultivated Mind

Wanderlust Collection FontWanderlust Letters has returned, but now offered in a beautiful collection of hand painted scripts. New versions include Wanderlust Letters Pro, Decorative, Boho, Chic, Shine, Gold, Caps, and Ornaments. Wanderlust Letters Pro is an extended version of the immensely popular Wanderlust Letters. This latest version includes three sets of basic alternates, one set of decorative alternates, and one set of ligatures. Wanderlust Decorative Pro offers a magnificent updated flow from the initial Wanderlust Letters release.

Shop Wanderlust Collection ›

Phew! That’s our 30 essential brush fonts, all with unbeatable HypeForType price tags of course. Whatever the project we hope you can find something tempting in our premier display of the finest brush work around, from some of our favourite foundries and designers. Treat yourself today, discover more than 35,000 fonts…

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