Top 5 Sans Serif Fonts of 2016

August 18, 2016 , In: Top 50 Fonts

Also called Egyptian, Doric, Gothic, Grotesque (from the Italian grottesco – NOT a description of the style!), Gothic, Linear and Swiss, sans serif fonts may have begun as a contrast to serif work but they’ve come into their own to be just as important in the world of typefaces as any alternative.

What makes sans serif fonts so strong? We thought we’d take a look at our top 5 sans serif fonts to show you.

1. Promixa Nova (Mark Simonson)

Proxima Nova Font
With 144 different weights on offer, Proxima Nova can be seen as Mark Simonson’s crowning achievement in demonstrating just how much variety one typeface can provide. This complete reworking of a 1990s font is as complete as any out there, with italics, small caps, fractions, lining, ordinals and, yes, even Dingbats!

Download Proxima Nova here ›


2. F37 Bolton (Face37)

F37 Bolton Font
If we revisit this list in a year or so Bolton may be even higher. A recent release from creative genius Rick Banks of Face37, F37 Bolton is a worthy counterpart to his brilliant serif F37 Bella. Beautiful horizontal ascenders and descenders play with the classic work of Gunter Gerhard Lange. We’re proud to have this as a HypeForType exclusive.

Download F37 Bolton here ›


3. Texta (Latinotype)

Texta Font
Luciano Vergara’s prolific Chilean foundry has produced nearly three thousand fonts, and Texta is among their very best. Designed as “a Sans for all”, it comes with a more geometric alt to allow even more flexibility, and draws on the full, rich history of sans serif fonts to create a new, contemporary fusion of styles. Like the others on this list, this font is astonishingly versatile.

Download Texta here ›


4. Nanami (Thinkdust)

Nanami Font
The easy, natural lines of the Japanese-inspired Nanami font family provide a strong base that Thinkdust has returned to from time to time, but the 18 weights of the original form the fulcrum the others pivot around and shouldn’t be ignored. Working well in both headlines and body text, Nanami can add a distinctive style and cohesion across a company’s print and screen presence.

Download Nanami here ›


5. Glober (FontFabric)

Glober Font
A very modern design philosophy drives this spectacular sans serif font family. The 18 weights are optimised for viewing on both PC and Mac and use precision kerning and carefully managed geometric design curves to bring classic grotesque-style sans serif fonts up to date with a bang. FontFabric’s dedicated work with softened geometric forms has produced a font which is all about legibility at any level in any situation, web or print.

Download Glober here ›