Top 50 best logo design fonts for 2015

March 3, 2015 , In: Top 50 Fonts

There’s no formula to it, it’s just a certain je ne sais quoi that makes some fonts pitch-perfect for logo work. These are the special fonts that are so brimming with character that a brand can’t help wanting to adopt them as their very own. To help you reach for the perfect font to marry with the right brand or product, we’ve compiled a handy alphabetical and thoroughly-researched go-to list of the 50 very best fonts that we think can solve all your logo solutions in the year ahead. No need to thank us, just get stuck in…

Aleka – 1 font by Eurotypo

There’s charm in each and every character of this handwritten beauty from Eurotypo. Short bursts of text show off the enticing handmade details at their best. You can almost hear quill scratching over parchment from this old-world set with beaucoup flourishes.

Shop Aleka ›››

Alek – 5 fonts by Fenotype

Alek is a smoothly put-together font with an upright stance and a clear message: READ ME! Snug fits and friendly relations between all Alek’s letters means it begs for inclusion in some eye-catching branding. As a hidden bonus to the main set, opting for small caps gives you access to full block-caps with the same elegant stance plus added authority.

Shop Alek ›››

Al Fresco – 1 font by Laura Worthington

Fashion conscious but not too exclusive, sophisticated but still fresh, Al Fresco brings plenty of inspiring emotions to a designer with a logo to style. European flair and romance abound in the main face and the accompanying swashes and ligatures. Designer Laura Worthington used the word ‘Irresistible’ as a template and this theme shines in an ever-so-tempting font.

Shop Al Fresco ›››

Aparo – 1 font by DSType

It’s not easy to capture the movement of calligraphy with a bold roman but Aparo manages to do just that – hearty letter proportions paired with delicate swashes and curls. There are options to up the handwritten feel if you need it, but a little goes a very long way with this font.

Shop Aparo ›››

Aracne Condensed – 4 fonts by Antipixel

It’s caps all the way with this deceptively decorative Antipixel package. Side by side the four weights give a surprising degree of variety, while the elongated letters and charmingly irregular edges suggest everything from Tim Burton movie credits to the label of your skinniest jeans.

Shop Aracne Condensed ›››

Bella – 3 fonts by Face37

Exclusive to HypeForType, Bella is a classical Didot-inspired beauty suggesting the best of Paris and New York in a single package. Broad strokes and slender curves invoke the impact of vintage headlines, while the minimalist ‘stencil’ version is an exercise in geometrical perfection. You’ll want to find reasons to employ this delectable award-winning font.

Shop F37 Bella ›››

Breakers Slab – 6 fonts by Kostic

Introducing a serious slab that keeps its cool from Thin right up to Ultra black. This quietly confident companion to Breakers Sans is perfect on the page and raring to go with colour. Spot on for big headers and a breeze for your bold branding.

Shop Breakers Slab ›››

Brush Up – 2 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

The clue’s in the name of this fun and flexible paint-and-run font. Scruffy and textured, a natural variety is neatly built in with a cycle of alternative characters. This font has been put to work on everything from surfboard culture to Victorian novel rebrands. Now it’s your turn to brush up without splashing out.

Shop Brush Up ›››

Campland – 2 fonts by Magpie Paper Works

Remember using a magnifying glass to burn words on wood on a hot summer’s day? That’s Campland through and through. You’ll be set for some summer fun in the great outdoors with this young-at-heart rustic sans. The decorations ooze hand-made appeal while the fun interlocking borders invite great banner work.

Shop Campland ›››

Daft Brush – 1 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

There are warm vibes aplenty in this contemporary paintbrush font, where jumbly baselines and a ton of alternate letters are offset with good old solid readability. Play with tints and textures for a lovely organic feel to your next logo escapade.

Shop Daft Brush ›››

Dasha – 2 fonts by Magpie Paper Works

Inhale the fresh smell of ink with this vintage handwriting font with oodles of built-in variety. It really is handwriting style as the ligatures link up effortlessly as you type. Single words, small statements or spritely messages are equally at home with this little inky masterpiece.

Shop Dasha ›››

Diamonds – 11 fonts by HVD Fonts

This font shines bright … a real attention-grabber, in fact. Parallel lines, smart angles, cool geometry and good on first read. Diamonds will be right at home on all kinds of cool labels, from record to fashion.

Shop Diamonds ›››

Electro – 1 fonts by Thinkdust

Electro, techno or pure future disco, this slick linear sans will spark off all kinds of suggestive angles once it’s in your toolkit. Spartan style with instant impact, the vibe is pure downtown neon lights – a look that’s totally plugged-in.

Shop Electro ›››

Etch – 8 fonts by Produce

Slim grooves, symmetry and perfect spacing are everything in this tribute font to the etched letter plates of yesteryear. Like a ride in a classy hotel elevator, Etch can add a fun and effortless vintage vogue to the job at hand.

Shop Etch ›››

Frontage – 5 fonts by Zaech

Fondly reminiscent of old-school shop facades, hand-painted signs, theatre hoardings and all the fun of the fairground. Frontage has plenty of front and lots of fun. Opt for your name in lights, go crazy with shade and colour, or tuck into the 3D shadow set that makes these letters pop off the page.

Shop Frontage ›››

Futura – 39 fonts by URW++

The classic 1920s sans is multi-purpose and contains multitudes – 39 fonts precisely in the full set. The original geometric design forms the basis for a host of perfect display solutions, including beautiful obliques and logo-perfect outlines. If it isn’t somewhere in this extremely versatile set, maybe it doesn’t exist yet.

Shop Futura ›››

Garden – 14 fonts by Latinotype

Needless to say, this flora-inspired font has a real organic feel– think languid tree-vines and slender branches, all looped together with natural typographic ease. It’s complemented by a range of leafy ornaments, making it even easier for your design work to reference those earthly delights.

Shop Garden ›››

Gauthier FY – 6 fonts by Fontyou

Good design doesn’t age and the Renaissance influence on this classic-looking serif proves it. Tall x-heights mean every letter makes the most of its space, and while prose flows elegantly on the page, for logo work the accompanying detailed italic is well worth exploring.

Shop Gauthier ›››

F37 Ginger – 7 fonts by Face37

Every letter matters in this super friendly sans. Perfect circles and pleasing symmetry give this Swiss take on German letterforms the solid and spacious structure that makes it ideal for those short and sweet statements.

Shop F37 Ginger ›››

Headlined Solid – 1 font by Thinkdust

Don’t break the news gently, speak up with Headlined Solid. This unique thick-set sans pulls no punches when something needs stating loud and clear. Leave an impression and get your logo hot off the press in Headlined Solid.

Shop Headlined Solid ›››

Heldustry – 7 fonts by URW++

A revived 70s sans that has stood the test of time. Heldustry is a satisfyingly roomy and curvaceous display with bags of character. It was originally designed for one of the first 24 hour cable news channels, so comes with added retro American charm.

Shop Heldustry ›››

Hiruko Pro – 21 fonts by Thinkdust

This charismatic sans has been treated to a design upgrade. With twenty weights and a penchant for colour there’s plenty of internal connections to be made, meaning plenty of headline and logo potential too.

Shop Hiruko Pro ›››

Lunetta – 2 fonts by Sawdust

Every character in this font is a work of space-age art. The numbers are a futurist dream and the natty outline function brings a whole new level of detail. High impact yet hypnotic, Lunetta’s curves, parallels and clever use of space all serve to hold the eye in admiration. What better gift for a logo designer?

Shop Lunetta ›››

Macarons – 7 fonts by Latinotype

Take a timeless Garamond typeface, add a knowing nod to the foodie revival and a healthy pinch of rustic charm and voila – Macarons. It’s an inviting and flexible display with a ‘sketch’ set for that inked-this-morning feel. Like the best macarons it feels home-made with love.

Shop Macarons ›››

Magallanes Essential – 8 fonts by Los Andes Type

A distinctive sans serif with an ornamental feel. Nice internal connections mean it’s perfect for short bold bursts of text with related lighter taglines. Keep it handy for your next logo brief.

Shop Magallanes Essential ›››

Marujo – 8 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

Designed with some breath-taking detail for use on the kind of display work you just won’t miss. Each set has a wildly different vibe, from woodcut to light bulbs to embroidery. Add to that great alternates and there’s no doubt you’ll dig out just the right combo for your next logo.

Shop Marujo ›››

Mija – 4 fonts by Latinotype

An instantly likeable display from Latinotype that carries over the warm local atmosphere of local Latin American signs. A real sense of fun and flexibility leaps out, with some appealing detail that works exceptionally well in small joyous bursts of words.

Shop Mija ›››

Muirside – 1 font by Steven Bonner

A Hype for Type exclusive, this cool stencil font is built on charisma. The unfussy but detailed design looks very at home in a smart urban setting. Think menswear, cycle shops and super-fine stationery for starters.

Shop Muirside ›››

Muriza – 18 fonts by TypeMates

From discreet hairline to extra bold, this inviting slab maintains its flavour across all weights. Distinguished by delicate curves and cool spurs , Muriza comes with a wealth of additional characters making it a major logo-friendly slab to play with.

Shop Muriza ›››

Nanami Rounded – 18 fonts by Thinkdust

Nanami Rounded builds on the previous success of the Japanese-influenced Nanami with a huge new palette of looks and weights to play with. The rounded corners and even strokes of this super contemporary-looking display invite you to try out some inspirational logo work.

Shop Nanami Rounded ›››

Natalia – 2 fonts by Walking Fearless

Not just contemporary but thoroughly post-modern, Natalia streamlines a hotch-potch of influences into a truly idiosyncratic font. Appealing to both digital design and poster art too, this font is destined to find a happy home in some cool millennial brands.

Shop Natalia ›››

News Gothic – 14 fonts by URW++

The classic sans will stay contemporary as long as good design is in style. With 14 sets in total, the context of your work lets this font flourish in different ways – bring out the formality or the retro feel, or simply let the smooth design of a timeless face speak for itself.

Shop News Gothic ›››

Otto – 1 font by Non-Format

This magical looking font comes direct from the esteemed Non Format Studio. Their work has been picked up by Nike, Orange, Uniqlo and more. This unique font with a combination of delicate lines with flashes of block colour might inspire you to up your logo game.

Shop Otto ›››

Pag Liberta – 1 font by Flat-it

The Flat-It foundry based this punchy number on letter sets from posters from a heyday of typography – the 1930 to the 1950s. If your logo has to tap into a different era but with a neat modern twist, get into Pag Liberta.

Shop Pag Liberta ›››

Port – 6 fonts by Joao Oliviera

This font can leave you spoiled for choice with the sheer range of internal variety on offer. Classic features used in experimental ways invite the designer to try the same approach with their work. Go to town with colour and multiple decorations to bring your logo to life.

Shop Port ›››

Powder Script – 5 fonts by Fenotype

Powder Script is a starlet at heart, but the secrets of the powder room are secret no more. Ornate and retro, frivolous yet elegant, you can summon up a range of responses with just the slightest alterations. Ideal for getting that special logo just right.

Shop Powder Script ›››

Prumo Display – 18 fonts by DSType

This fine family knows its history and picks from the past with a keen and respectful eye for detail. The result is a perfectly proportioned and versatile display font that makes an instant impression. Handsome and distinguished.

Shop Prumo Display ›››

BD Qualle – 1 font by Typedifferent

You’ll know just what to do with this irresistible font once you get your hands on it. Cuddly and super-bold, Qualle exudes a cheeky quality that will snuggle up to just the right project. Fill up on colour and get busy.

Shop Qualle ›››

Sarah Script – 1 font by CBdO Fonts

Just as feisty and friendly as a handwritten font can be, this is a truly vivacious slice of American script. With its ribbon-like quality it has a celebratory air all of its own. An ideal choice for packaging and logo work.

Shop Sarah Script ›››

ATC Ripley – 1 font by Avondale Type Co

A brand-new font with some very old fashioned appeal. Ripley is a hand drawn gem from the Avondale Type Co. that spills so much charisma you’ll need blotting paper. High loops and low swoops mark this as a special addition to the pantheon of hand-drawn fonts.

Shop ATC Ripley ›››

Roverd – 1 font by Majestype

With all the thrill of the baseball field, Roverd comes with a bevy of options to turn this retro script into the logo you’re looking for. A real diamond, in other words.

Shop Roverd ›››

Sabotage – 3 fonts by Majestype

Named after a Hitchcock movie and instantly recognisable as the Vertigo-influenced font, Sabotage easily taps into those cool edgy filmic references. It can also be put to use as something that’s literally brand new. All caps and bold is a good start too if you’re looking to logo this one up.

Shop Sabotage ›››

Signal – 4 fonts by URW++

With a very current and cool web look to it, the broad parallels of this sturdy sans are offset by nice internal spacing. It encourages each letter to do its own thing, which in turn makes for some great logo material.

Shop Signal ›››

Sobek – 1 font by Thinkdust

A dazzling array of acute angles and cute rounds mark this out as a very special font. Each character is a successful experiment all its own. It won’t be too hard to find unique combinations to show off in this acrobatic little set.

Shop Sobek ›››

Tart – 1 font by Suomi

Boxy, broad and mega-bold, Tart is superbly designed for a burst of power when you need it. With a suggestion of a Wild West finish, it also comes with plenty of perfectly kerned twosomes to get that logo positioned just right.

Shop Tart ›››

Thirsty Rough – 21 fonts by Yellow Design Studio

Thirsty Script grows a new branch in the shape of Thirsty Rough. All the intricate loops and style of the former, now with added textures, tarnishes and techniques that make this font more logo friendly than ever. The detail just gets better the bigger you go.

Shop Thirsty Rough ›››

TJ Evolette A – 7 fonts by TypeMe

TJ Evolette A has a contemporary and ready-to-wear look in the main set. Design-wise it can be as streamlined or extravagant as you require, with intricate alternates and stylistic sets available to open this font into a veritable palette of ideas.

Shop TJ Evolette A ›››

Turnright Display – 1 fonts by Jamie Winder

Turnright is like a good bar – open, welcoming and with a few nice surprises once you’re in. This simple display works hard, with a look that finds itself welcome on a whole range of backgrounds. Instantly recognisable as something contemporary and hip.

Shop Turnright Display ›››

Ziclets – 1 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

The blown-up bubbles and balloons of this zany font immediately invite fond memories of kids’ shows and comics or maybe even more grown-up psychedelic fun! There are stacks of additional features included to up your type into a logo that will just about burst into view.

Shop Ziclets ›››

Zona Black – 2 fonts by Intelligent Foundry

The influence of poster typography is apparent in this smart and robust typeface that holds some lovely details. Colour and size are no challenge as the solid lines and geometric basis let you upsize and tint with abandon. Great for small words on a big scale.

Shop Zona Black ›››

Voila…! We hope there are plenty of gems in this lovingly hand-picked selection to catch your eye. Be sure to come back and visit the list whenever you need to spark off some great ideas for your next logo design session. Scripts or slabs, sexy or serious, formal or fun, it’s a pretty inspirational collection, we think you’ll agree. All available at HypeForType now, and all at exceptional value for money. Lo-go for it…!

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