Top 50 decorative fonts of 2015

July 29, 2015 , In: Top 50 Fonts

You know when a font is so good that you want to give it pride of place somewhere special? Our Top 50 Decorative Fonts for 2015 list is full of just those kinds of fonts. We’ve hand-picked a generous list of the finest faces that we think will find a perfect home on your small branding projects, packaging design work, or any time you need to label with love. Classy and quirky, flashy to floral, heavy or hip, our Top 50 list is chock-full of surprises, so dive right in…

Againts – 3 fonts by Celcius Designs

Street attitude, graffiti culture and alternative music can all find an outlet in the rugged and edgy spraypaint vibe of Againts. For a cutting edge underground feel, Againts delivers. Choose one of the two variations, chuck in some skull ornaments and make your message scream.

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Atlantika – 1 font by Artimasa

Part of a new breed of funky scripts inspired by traditional sign and brush work, Atlantika nails that contemporary/vintage mix spot on. With 300 glyphs and 122 alternates to go mad with, you can focus on getting just the right variation for that decorative design gig.

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Australia Skate – 4 fonts by RodrigoType

The energy just crackles off this simple but high-impact display. Skate park culture is suggested by the crazy dingbats but even as a stand-alone the all caps font buzzes with its jagged edges and wide spaces. Multiple street-inspired and funky uses could definitely apply.

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Authentica – 2 fonts by Artimasa

Authentica is the real deal (pun intended!) It’s a cutting edge display that is multi-purpose and bang on trend. Fortunately fashion gets it right sometimes, and Authentica is definitely right-now, yet nice and durable too.

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Beaurencourt FY – 2 fonts by Fontyou

Handwritten lines from the 1800s are suggested by this secretive and seductive script. The lettering is pristine and as you blow up the size the detail becomes more apparent, so don’t be afraid to brand or logo this delightful old-world charmer.

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Blueshift – 3 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

The stand-alone script letters that make up Blueshift have a childlike charm and a toy-box appeal for any kiddie products you may have to style and brand for. The dinky icons are also hand-drawn, and add to the general cute overload.

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Boho – 26 fonts by Latinotype

Snag yourself a slice of bohemia that’s equal parts city-kid and nature-lover. Including calligraphy styles, handmade sans and earthy serifs all in a single package, Boho is definitely ripe for some unconventional packaging and branding.

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Boucherie – 16 fonts by Laura Worthington

Where to start with a font package that includes block, sans, cursive and bold variations all in one package? Boucherie keeps a clear and traditional identity through every version, meaning just one purchase can be used again and again without repeating your branding.

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Brother Nature – 1 font by Set Sail Studios

The great outdoors are brought home in this breezy wide-open swash font. Brother Nature grabs the eye and suggests everything good about summer and outdoor living. Clothes and cool camping kit are just the beginning of what you could brand.

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Brush Up – 2 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

Picture perfect paintwork lettering. You can really feel the brush strokes and see the paint with this versatile bit of script. If you’ve got something surfy or earthy that needs packaging it might be time to Brush Up your decorative font collection.

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Butternut – 7 fonts by Ryan Keightley

Picture perfect paintwork lettering. You can really feel the brush strokes and see the paint with this versatile bit of script. If you’ve got something surfy or earthy that needs packaging it might be time to Brush Up your decorative font collection.

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Campland – 2 fonts by Magpie Paper Works

Earthen and rustic, Campland is evocative of the outdoors. The handmade font suggests gentle movement – the wind in the trees, or gentle talk and the strumming of guitars around a campfire.

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Card-O-Mat – 2 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

Quick-fix greeting cards can be yours with this fun collection of ready-made messages and lovable cartoon Buddy Birds. Hundreds of variations mean you can customise with ease until the cows, or rather the birds, come home.

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Carolyna Pro Black – 1 font by Emily Lime

Smooth letterflow is standard in this calligraphic gem which bulks out the original Carolyna Pro to a robust readable finish. If you ever need to put some joined-up style and celebratory character into a single word or a line of greetings text, make Carolyna your first port of call.

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Chameleon – 16 fonts by Fontforecast

Three sets, each one unique but each one complimentary. Chameleon is aptly named as this font contains a genuine multitude of fresh, fun and forward-thinking looks. Swirls, stripes and sketch versions can be off-set with ornaments to perfectly finish the package.

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Conifer – 2 fonts by Ryan Keightley

You can just about smell the sap and sawdust on this one. Two variations in this woodblock font, solid fill and tarnished, each one offering high impact and a chiselled finish that’s both macho and natural. Great for a solid shout-out in your branding and labelling.

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Courtney – 4 fonts by Latinotype

Here’s a versatile unicase display to inspire a dozen different design directions. Quirky ligatures and cool connectors add to Courtney’s versatility, meaning even a short text burst can have a lot of appealing detail built-in.

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Daft Brush – 1 font by PintassilgoPrints

There are warm vibes aplenty in this contemporary paintbrush font, where jumbly baselines and a ton of alternate letters are offset with good solid readability. Play with tints and textures for a lovely organic feel on your next piece of decorative branding.

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Dasha – 2 fonts by Magpie Paper Works

Inhale the fresh smell of ink with this vintage handwriting font with oodles of built-in variety. Genuine handwriting style is yours as the ligatures link up effortlessly as you type. Single words, small statements or spritely messages are equally at home with this little masterpiece.

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Distress Bundle – 40 fonts by Yellow Design Studio

This is a whole lotta font for one generous price. The Distress Bundle includes 40 fonts taken from 5 amazing YellowDesignStudio families. Veeneer, Thirsty, Anodyne, Wausau and Magesta are all here. The only Distress you’ll have is being spoiled for choice getting down to your branding.

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D.I.Y Time – 11 fonts by Latinotype

With DIY Time you might not need another decorative script for a while. This set has enough variation to keep the busiest designer going strong. Taking inspiration from the craft and do-it-yourself revolution, these homemade lettersets offer heaps of variation with a little imagination.

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Dope Script – 1 fonts by Set Sail Studios

A contemporary urban-inspired paint brush font that is fresh and fierce. Skate culture and street wear can be summoned up in just one glance so get this one in your design bag for cool apparel and anything that needs a little added edge.

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Eveleth – 16 fonts by Eveleth

A sturdy symmetrical sans with rubber stamp impact and a choice of tarnished finishes. Great for short shout-outs or mini-branding exercise and those textures will pick up colour a treat. An excellent range of icons and banners completes the tempting set.

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Fadilla – 1 font by Artimasa

This typeface is literally an open invitation to good design. The flowing calligraphy finish manages to be both elegant and warm at the same time, exactly what you’d want from an invite to a wedding or a special gathering, where this would look right at home.

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Felt Noisy – 2 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

This hand-drawn felt-tip gem is gloriously splodgy and utterly unique. Felt Noisy is both soft and organic, yet full of loud impact. It’s going to fire off all kinds of inspirational ideas when you get down to your branding and packaging, and all from a broken felt pen!

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Fonderful – 1 font by Locomotype

Here’s a rich, smooth hand-painted font that’s uber-contemporary with warm, welcoming vibes and cool detail. If you like things a little messier than usual you’ll want to plump for the optional ‘paint splatter’ finish to give it that fresh out of the tin look. Buckets of fun.

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Fresh Script – 1 fonts by Set Sail Studios

Fresh Script lives large with no apologies. This upfront script pulls no punches with elaborate curls and a whole load of swashes if you can handle them. With a neat American vibe throughout, this could lend itself to some very smart branding ideas.

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Garden – 14 fonts by Los Andes Type

Think stems, tree-vines and branches for this flora-inspired beauty. A real organic feel persists throughout Garden and it’s complemented by a terrific range of leafy ornaments so you can customise your branding and packaging down to the last detail.

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Gardeny – 1 font by Eurotypo

Eccentric but accessible, Gardeny gives everything you want from an upright script. It’s legible and full of character and can easily be coloured and scaled for some cute branding or heart-warming messages.

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Gist Rough – 40 fonts by Yellow Design Studio

Even Roughly speaking, your message is loud and clear with this handsome example of slab work. Designed to function when it’s blown-up as well as small, the detail in Gist Rough upsizes perfectly for poster work. Retro looks and plenty of alternates mean a cool finish is in easy reach.

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Handmade – 1 font by Misprinted Type

Handmade is a heady and enticing mix of decorative delights. Each letter is like a found object, where trinkets and knick-knacks make up an alphabet of vintage charms including letter variations so there’s no need for any repetition on your branding, just pure eye candy.

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Hipsteria – 1 font by Artimasa

Get hysterical for all things hip. This is hand-drawn work done with love and style. It boasts a looped, natural but definitely urban finish that just begs for a cool business card or a box of brownies to make its home.

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Intro Rust – 214 fonts by FontFabric

Intro is the likable sans known for its smooth geometry, freindly flicks and plush legibility, but it had so much more to give. Intro Rust presents a mighty 214 variations on the original format in one perfect package.

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Jacques & Gilles – 1 font by Emily Lime

A touch of elegance and joie de vivre has been bottled in this fine script. The two variations can be used apart or in neat conjunction. Jacques brings lowercase lettering to life while Gilles specialises in caps, and each has a unique richly decorative finish.

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Last Paradise – 1 fonts by Set Sail Studios

These are brushstrokes with a distinctly twenty-first century appeal. There are Instagram vibes aplenty when overlaying on photographs, but even by itself Last Paradise has a firm freshness you’ll want to put to use in a worthy brand or packaging set.

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Lilirun – 1 font by RodrigoTypo

Hand-drawn and hip go hand in hand these days, and none more so than Lilirun. This all-caps treat has a likeably gangly appearance, ideal for branding or for some illustration show-through on your more decorative pieces. Plus the ornaments are literally the flashiest things going.

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Marker Aid – 2 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

Something truly unique, this all caps display has been formed using a dry chisel felt-tip marker, resulting in terrific textured striations on every character. As well as Regular and Oblique there are 4 variations for each letter. It laps up colour too so get to work and style it out.

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Marujo – 8 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

Designed with careful eye-catching detail for the kind of display work you just don’t want to miss. Each set has a different vibe, from woodcut to light bulbs to embroidery. Add great alternates and there’s no doubt you’ll have fun finding the right combo for your next project.

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Mattilda – 1 font by Artimasa

If you saw this on a sign you’d definitely stop for a coffee or a paperback or a pair of jeans. Mattilda has that fine urban script vibe perfected. It looks super cool in a short decorative flourish and of course goes great with a spot of illustration and imagery.

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Nexa Rust – 82 fonts by FontFabric

With over 80 fonts in this family, this is a whole system of lettering at your disposal – slab, script, condensed, extended, textured and more. If you can’t fulfil your decorative demands with Nexa Rust maybe it doesn’t exist at all!

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Ondise – 1 font by Magpie Paper Works

An irregular baseline makes for a real hand-produced feel, with squiggles and flicks of the handwriting of yesteryear. Cheeky rather than twee, Ondise has its origins in real pen and ink work, and it shows. Leave a signature on your design with this spritely script.

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Pinto – 14 fonts by FaceType

A touch of the Wild West, a touch of down on the farm, Pinto is a warm hand-drawn font with a cool cartoony finish. Buckets of variation to start, swashes and decorations to finish, it’s great for food and drink, fun and games, all your decorative needs in fact.

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Ride My Bike Serif – 10 fonts by Latinotype

As nifty and city-smart as a fixie, Ride My Bike Serif marries the hip, fun and free aspects of cycle culture in a fresh-faced serif. Cool character irregularity comes with 600 glyphs and 91 dingbats so you can head off in any style you choose for your next decorative gig.

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Roverd – 1 font by Majestype

Roverd is a fun, sporty and banner-ready font that makes magical use of ligatures and colour. This retro winner comes with over 700 integrated glyphs, meaning you can pull it apart and piece it all together again before you get that branding just right.

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Sant Elia – 44 fonts by Yellow Design Studio

It must be the patron saint of versatility as this modern face has masses of variation on offer, and that’s on top of the built-in gliding finish that comes as standard. For a short decorative burst why not experiment with the tempting multiple weights and tarnishes.

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Sickamore – 1 fonts by Set Sail Studios

All-caps and a little Hip-Hop influence, Sickamore throws its cap into the ring as one of the boldest brushstrokes on offer. With a spiky finish and a spray-paint appeal you’ll want to bag this font for anything fresh coming your way.

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Sparkle – 2 fonts by Ryan Keightley

Simple to read and easy to customise, the superb ornaments also help make it perfect for something decorative. Sparkle has the fun of a script with the simple legibility that is often lost in flourishes and curves. Great for rough paper print, high colour work and much more.

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Trend Rough – 24 fonts by Latinotype

Trend Rough literally takes the rough with the smooth, combining desirable curves with a laid-back and lived-in tarnished finish. It’s a look that speaks to the design conscious in seconds flat, so you can bring a cutting edge feel without the need for elaborate extras, or a phone call from the bank manager.

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Undersong – 13 fonts by PintassilgoPrints

This loveably wacky and beautifully designed font looks like it might be made from string, bamboo, fabric or paint, depending which variation you go for. It’s stackable with variations in each character so for branding and packaging you can spend time getting the combination spot on.

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VTG OAF – 3 fonts by Voltage Ltd

Get out your paint roller, dip it the paint, roll your letters onto the wall. That’s VTG OAF, a simple look with a fun DIY origin. Regular, condensed or expanded variations open up lots of options for you, while the rest is down to your imagination.

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Phew…! You made it to the end. It’s a pretty dazzling selection of decorative goodies, we hope you’ll agree. Why not favourite the list for future use, you never know when some brand and packaging demands might come your way, and we’re here to help you make those big font decisions. These cool offers are all available at from HypeForType today, and all for terrific value, so click and get going…!

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