The Logo Designer’s Top 50 Fonts Part 1: 50-31

September 12, 2016 , In: Top 50 Fonts

Creating a brand identity is an art, and the purest form of that art has to be logo design. What colours give the impression you want? How should the name be presented? What font – or fonts – express the style this brand needs?

We see the greatest examples every day, and we all remember the disastrous mismatches between font and brand.

From the designers at HypeForType to all those logo designers out there, though, we give you a spectacular new tool; the 50 fonts you absolutely must have in your toolbox. Stay tuned for the rest of the countdown!


Aphrodite slim font

50. Aphrodite Slim – 9 fonts by Typesenses

A delicate yet distinctive script font, Aphrodite Slim stands out without taking the impact away from what you write in it.

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Boucherie Font

49. Boucherie – 16 fonts by Laura Worthington

Impactful, memorable, and complemented by multiple display types and a Catchwords format, Boucherie takes the Charcuterie to the next level.

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Enjoy the ride font

48. Enjoy The Ride – 2 fonts by Vintage Design Co

The distressing on this modern handwriting font is present enough to be suggestive without allowing the text to be lost. Perfect to superimpose over lush graphics.

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Eveleth font

47. Eveleth – 16 fonts by Yellow Design Studio

Flexibility is the watchword for this beautiful typeface, with distressed, spurred, clean and shadow varieties available to use singly or in combination.

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F37 Ginger Font

46. F37 Ginger – 7 fonts by Face37

A meticulously geometrical twist on modernist Swiss fonts, the simplicity of F37 Ginger is outshone by it’s elegance.

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Faith and glory font

45. Faith & Glory – 2 fonts by Set Sail Studio

This typeface is two beautiful brush fonts designed to be used in concert, and the effect they have together is breathtaking.

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Frontage font

44. Frontage – 5 fonts by Juri Zaech

Inspired by and modernising the look of brick-and-mortar shop signs and hoardings, the six styles of Frontage are beautifully designed to grab the eye.

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Futura font

43. Futura – 39 fonts by URW++

A classic 1920s deco sans, the Futura font family has almost limitless flexibility among its 39 styles to express anything a designer might need.

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Heldustry font

42. Heldustry – 7 fonts by URW++

A roomy, curvaceous sans font with a beautiful retro tooled 1970s style, Heldustry is perfect when you want to resonate with the past.

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Ilder font

41. Idler – 6 fonts by Lamesville

The solid, inner, and highlight styles of this typeface combine beautifully for a 3D-styled impact that leaps off page or screen.

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Nanami pro font

40. Nanami Pro – 8 fonts by Thinkdust

A slick, professional sans suitable for slick, professional logos, Nanami Pro builds on the existing Nanami and Nanami Rounded fonts.

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Neo deco font

39. Neo Deco – 1 font by Alex Trochut

A stylish upper case take on art deco supplied with upper case alternates, Neo Deco catches and holds the eye easily.

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New modern font

38. NewModern – 1 font by Sawdust

An effortlessly distinctive modernist font, NewModern is a perfect choice to give your logo a certain timeless class.

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No Seven Font

37. No Seven – 5 fonts by Fenotype

The brush style script of No Seven unites the varying styles through the family, allowing users of the font a great way to change things up even within a logo.

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Pocketknife font

36. Pocketknife – 4 fonts by Blank Is The New Black

Pocketknife is a simple grid-based titling font on it’s surface, but it has a surprisingly prolific set of features under the surface.

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Port vintage font

35. Port Vintage – 10 fonts by Joao Oliveira

An elegant modern serif font drawing on the style of Bodoni and Didot with enough variations to provide a unique style for any logo.

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Proxima nova font

34. Proxima Nova – 144 fonts by Mark Simonson

A complete font family with many different styles available, a complete Proxima Nova collection provides an incredibly wide selection of tools for the designer.

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Reina font

33. Reina – 12 fonts by Lian Types

With multiple styles available for decorative characters, Reina is an eye-catching modern deco serif to keep your eye on.

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Thirsty Rough font

32. Thirsty Rough – 21 fonts by Yellow Design Studio

This beautiful script font allows varying levels of distress across a logo for a beautiful time-worn, hardwearing brand identity.

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URW Geometric

31. URW Geometric – 20 fonts by URW++

As the name suggests, this beautiful sans has clear geometric lines that make it pleasing to the eye and perfect for many logo styles.

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A brand’s logo says so much about it. It can target or exclude demographics, appeal to the past or call on the promise of the future. It is the first impression your company, service, website or product makes on the world – and we all know how important first impressions can be.

At the same time and above all else your logo has to be unique and distinctive. It has to stand out from the crowd and instantly be recognisable.

With more designs being developed and designed every day, the challenge of being and looking unique will only grow. A varied toolbox with a broad diversity of options is a logo designer’s greatest asset in this challenge – and that’s what these fonts are for!

Come back soon for Part 2, and remember to check back for the final countdown!