Type in use – TJ Evolette

March 5, 2013 , In: Inspiration

It’s not often that we’ll post up examples of type at work in the real world. However in this case we just couldn’t resist showcasing one of the best uses of typography we’ve seen in recent times. Josip Kelava’s original take on creating an identity for the Melbourne Dance Company is nothing short of spectacular. Not only does it break convention in it’s typographic choice by using TJ Evolette, but it also shows designers how thinking outside of the box typographically (excuse the clich√©), can actually produce incredible results.

Kelava initially wanted to use TJ Evolette as just a headline, however taking into account that dance was a form of expression and movement, he combined the type with the dancer to create an incredibly clever composition that works perfectly. “I wanted the viewer to look at the poster and let it play in their mind, both with the harshness of the type and the softness of the dancer.” says Josip. “Using the different characters within the type allowed me to do this, and overall, create a visual dance in itself. And because TJ Evolette has such sharp corners, and ballet is meant to be quite sensual, I purposely wanted this contrast in the juxtaposition.”

Kelava has created a truly stunning piece of design, strong in every sense. Combining contrasting elements and then finding a way for them to work as one has resulted in a perfect piece of typography using one of our best sellers, TJ Evolette.