Typeface on Elm Street: Halloween Fonts

October 24, 2016 , In: Inspiration

Halloween is almost upon us, and across the country people are preparing for office and home parties and other excuses to dress up – both themselves and their houses.

Invitations are going round neighbourhoods, posters are being thumbtacked to noticeboards in office breakrooms, and decorations with special slogans are being prepared.

So far, so good – but how does a Halloween enthusiast give themselves the edge?

Halloween FontsWith posters and invitations, the font the words are printed in means every bit as much as the words themselves, and while classic free fonts like Chiller have their fans, most of us have become used to them. Like it or not, ‘creepy’ lettering becomes ‘cliché’ lettering when everyone’s used to the typeface.

No, the solution here is simple; change the typeface and change the rules.

Here at HypeForType, we’re extremely proud of our collection of Halloween fonts.

With creepy, off-kilter brush script fonts, sans serifs with irregular quirks, rough stencil fonts and more, there are plenty of unsettling typefaces that your friends, family, guests and co-workers won’t have had the opportunity to get used to – and if, for you, Halloween is a slightly lighter atmosphere, there are fonts like Saugatuck, GrindelGrove, and ATC Nasty to get people in the mood without chilling them to the core.

atc_nasty_4And, of course, there’s much more; with a horror-filled theme like Halloween the perfect way to stimulate a designer’s imagination, you’ll discover the eminently unsettling collection of bone letters that is Danza Macabra, as well as Las Perdidas, an off-kilter stencil that seems to cross fonts to deeply unsettling effect, and Saintbride, a serif font that’s hard to be described but which you’ll remember forever once you’ve seen it.

Danza MacabraThe range of options is so much wider than ever before, and it’s a rare year where we don’t find more downright unsettling fonts for this category – so before you finalise designs and print, do yourself a favour; take the time to browse through our selection, pick out a few favourites, and see how they fit in place of the tried, tested, and overdone fonts we’re all used to from our word processor’s defaults.

One of the things that Halloween has truly become in the past decades is a chance to show a side of yourself that very rarely gets to come out for anyone but Guillermo del Toro and Rob Zombie, and for your friends to appreciate and be entertained by your darker sides.

Now’s the chance to cut free of the defaults, create something striking, and watch the reaction from family or colleagues – but to stand out, you need something new and unique.

So which of our most spine-chilling fonts appeals to you the most?