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July 6, 2016 , In: Announcements

We’re kicking off the launch of our new website in style by introducing 20,000 new web fonts, all ready to go for 2016. Whether you’re a fan of the display font, a sucker for a good old sans-serif, or simply love every display typeface you can get your hands on, here are just a few of the beautiful web fonts we have on offer at HypeForType..

Promixa Nova Web Fonts

Web Font Proxima NovaHailed as one of the greatest web fonts of all time, Proxima Nova is a complete workhorse with a total of 144 weights. The family itself consists or three main widths including Proxima Nova, Proxima Nova Condensed, and Proxima Nova Extra Condensed. Each of these widths come with supporting true italics.Stylistically, Proxima Nova straddles the gap between typefaces like Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk. The result is a hybrid combining humanistic proportions with a somewhat geometric appearance.

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Futura Web Fonts

Web Font FuturaFutura is a timeless classic. Created in the 1920s this timeless typeface still looks as fresh today as it did almost 100 years ago. It’s not just a pretty face either, as Futura contains a total of 39 weights with beautiful obliques and logo-perfect outlines. Our favourite is Futura Bold Condensed used heavily by major brands such as Nike. Whether it’s regular, condensed, compressed, or outline… Futura has a large range of options perfect for every web font project.

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Sofia Pro Web Fonts

Web Font Sofia ProOriginaly designed in 2008 by Olivier Gourvat, this font family gives an impression of modernism, harmony and roundness. These nuances give Sofia a harmonious and sensible appearance for both texts and headlines. Redesigned in 2012, this typeface supports a wide range of languages with more than 500 glyphs. This new version has also more OpenType features like case sensitive forms, contextual alternatives, stylistic alternates, fractions, proportional and tabular figures. With its 16 fonts, Sofia is an ideal font family for text, brands creation, signage, print and webdesign creation.

Download Sofia Pro Web Fonts ›


Quadon Web Fonts

Web Font QuadonQuadon was designed to fill the gap between traditional serifs and the lasting trend of using sans serif fonts for contemporary design. The result is a modern, clear and infinitely flexible interpretation of slab serif fonts. The open shapes and a large x-height keep the font legible in small sizes while the short descender supports the compact heart and strength of a slab serif. Quadon has a wide range of typographic features and alternative glyphs to create your own and unique version of it. It comes in nine different weights with matching italics. From the sensitive but sharp thinner weights to the punchy and powerful heavy weights, Quadon is well-suited for a wide range of versatile tasks.

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Sanchez Web Fonts

Web Font SanchezSánchez is the Latinotype’s first display type family. It is a serif typeface belonging to the classification slab serif, or Egyptian, that bears a strong resemblance to the iconic Rockwell, but with rounded edges— offering contrast and balance to the square structure. Sánchez comprises 12 variants, ranging from extra light to black, each of the same x-height. Regular and italic variants are available for free.

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Jacques & Gilles (Emily Lime)

Web Font GloberThe Glober font family includes 18 weights – nine uprights with nine italics. It is characterized by excellent legibility in both – web & print design areas, well-finished geometric designs, optimized kerning, excellent web-font performance and legibility etc. Inspired by the classic grotesque typefaces – Glober has his own unique style in expressed perfect softened geometric forms. The font family is most suitable for headlines of all sizes, as well as for text blocks that come in both maximum and minimum variations.

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Velino Text Web Fonts

Web Font Velino TextVelino Text is one of DSType’s most recent premium typefaces. The serif version comes in two packages with a total of three widths: Velino, Velino Condensed, and Velino Compressed. The display package contains high-contrast typefaces, with a modern flair – very feminine but with plenty of characters. Velino Text was especially designed for print, and headlines.

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Uni Sans Web Fonts

Web Font Uni SansWhilst creating Uni Sans, FontFabric was looking for a typeface that would work in blocks of texts, captions, and headlines. You will find that exact balance with Uni Sans, a custom sans serif type family which offers a diverse range of applications. It also works exceedingly well as a web fonts.

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Jacques & Gilles (Emily Lime)

Web Font Franklin GothicFranklin Gothic and it’s related tribute typefaces are realise sans-serif fonts originally created by Morris Fuller Benton in 1902. Gothic was known as a modern term, meaning sans-serif and Franklin Gothic falls nicely into that category. Similar to Futura, Franklin Gothic remains to be yet another timeless classic in the world of type designer, and the digital version continues to look as modern today as it did back in 1902 when it was originally released.

Download Franklin Gothic Web Fonts ›


Averta Web Fonts

Web Font AvertaBringing together features from early European grotesques and American gothics, Kostas Bartokas’ Averta (Greek: ‘αβέρτα’ – to act or speak openly, bluntly or without moderation, without hiding) is a new geometric sans serif family with a simplistic, yet appealing, personality. The purely geometric rounds, open apertures, and its low contrast strokes manage to express an unmoderated, straightforward tone resulting in a modernist, neutral and friendly typeface. Averta is intended for use in a variety of media. The central styles (Light through Bold) are drawn to perform at text sizes, while the extremes are spaced tighter to form more coherent headlines. The dynamism of the true italics adds a complementary touch to the whole family and provides extra versatility, making Averta an excellent tool for a range of uses, from signage to branding and editorial design.

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Intro Web Fonts

Web Font IntroThe intro font family consists of 26 uniques weights, and is characterised by excellent legibility both in print and on the web. As a well finished geometric sans serif, this family has had extensive optimised kerning, and will display well at all sizes, especially as text. The fonts style gives it the versatility needed to meet all types of graphic design work, including print, motion graphics, and more importantly web.

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F37 Ginger Web Fonts

Web Font F37 GingerDesigned in a modernist Swiss style but with a contemporary geometrical twist, F37 Ginger is based on letterforms of German typographer Paul Renner, Swiss typographer Jan Tschichold and American typographer Herb Lubalin. 

F37 Ginger contains alternatives and covers an extensive range of Latin-based languages, including Western and Eastern European.

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Thirsty Rough Web Fonts

Web Font Thirsty Rough Thirsty Script grows a new branch in the shape of Thirsty Rough. All the intricate loops and style of the former, now with added textures, tarnishes and techniques that make this font more logo friendly than ever. The detail just gets better the bigger you go. Thirsty Script Rough from Yellow Design Studio is the warm and weathered version of Thirsty Script with texture that captures the authentic qualities of letterpress printing. It’s highly customizable with four alternate versions of every weight ranging from very light to heavy distress. Because it’s remarkably detailed, it looks great even at large sizes. For extra customization and fun, it includes an set of matching texture pieces…for free!

Download Thirsty Rough Web Fonts ›


Acta Web Fonts

Web Font ActaFirst designed for chilean newspaper La Tercera in 2010, Acta family is a clean and fresh type system, while enough conservative for newspaper setting. The complete Acta Type System contains Acta and Acta Display both with six weights with matching italics; Acta Symbols with an amazing collection of symbols specially designed for newspapers and magazines and Acta Poster, a heavyweight version, elegant and eye catching in three styles with plenty of ligatures and alternates.

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