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About this font

When you have the opportunity to use letters that are, in fact, an authentic digital interpretation of the actual handwriting of a calligraphic master, why settle for anything less? The relationship between calligraphic designer Tim Donaldson and Letraset has been a fruitful one, spawning many hugely successful designs over a period of years. It is therefore not so surprising that Letraset would eventually collaborate with Tim in order to develop and launch a font based on his own inimitable handwriting style. It is all there; the exuberance, the undeniable elegance of a cultured hand, the natural, unrestrained letterforms reflecting a highly charged, nervous energy. We know there are many handwriting fonts now available, some excellent and some not so good, but one thing is certain, few evoke the spirit and passion of a gifted craftsperson at the top of his profession like Donaldson Hand. Letraset played their part too in its development, devoting considerable care and attention to the spacing and kerning so that when set, the spontaneity of the letters is not impaired. So where is the application for letterforms which look as though they have been speedily written by hand? There is no doubt that recently the use of casual brush scripts typefaces have given way to the even more casual handwriting styles. Now handwritten lettering is everywhere. We see it used for slogans within advertisements and on packaging and we see its widespread use as a form of 'signature' for public figures such as fashion designers who are endorsing 'designer' labels for clothing or cosmetics. And, since the advent of the personal computer, we see it used extensively by people who simply use a handwriting font for letters or for other forms of stationery such as wedding or party invitations. In this environment, Donaldson Hand will, no doubt, have considerable influence.

Languages Supported

Basic Latin, Western European, Pan African Latin, Basic Greek

Available Formats

Truetype (TTF)


Mac & PC Compatible