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  • #9AEFEF
  • #3BE1E3
  • #31D2C5
  • #29ABAD
  • #91FDBF
  • #3EE173
  • #35D167
  • #26A54D
  • #FFFC8E
  • #E5E038
  • #FEEC34
  • #F9D32E
  • #FDF2DD
  • #FBA98A
  • #E06528
  • #D37006
  • #B46317
  • #F9E1E4
  • #EEB0AE
  • #E52126
  • #D3253E
  • #B30A0F
  • #F9E9FE
  • #DAA4F1
  • #CF3AEC
  • #9A3E92
  • #9B1FB3
  • #C7E1F3
  • #8BC7F7
  • #2AA7E1
  • #0D6CB3
  • #0652A0
  • #957381
  • #7988AB
  • #A48281
  • #959A9E
  • #9E8F54
  • #E5E5E5
  • #7F7F7F
  • #404040
  • #000000
  • Eplica - Book TT
  • Eplica - Book Alternates TT
  • Eplica - Book SC TT
  • Eplica - Book Italic TT
  • Eplica - Book Italic Alternates TT
  • Eplica - Book Italic SC TT
  • Eplica - Medium TT
  • Eplica - Medium Alternates TT
  • Eplica - Medium SC TT
  • Eplica - Medium Italic TT
  • Eplica - Medium Italic Alternates TT
  • Eplica - Medium Italic SC TT
  • Eplica - Bold TT
  • Eplica - Bold Alternates TT
  • Eplica - Bold SC TT
  • Eplica - Bold Italic TT
  • Eplica - Bold Italic Alternates TT
  • Eplica - Bold Italic SC TT

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About this font

Such has been the recent success of Austrian designer Yvonne Diedrich's Eplica series that Letraset have added additional weights to complement those already existing on their range. As well as the Book, Book Italic, Medium and Bold weights, the Medium and Bold Italics are also available now. The style of Eplica has been influenced by the particular historical periods of serif typefaces. This is no more apparent than within its bilateral serif construction, in which one side reflects Old Face style and the other, Modern Face style. The overall appearance, in which the letters have a strong vertical stress and pronounced contrast between lineweights, serves to evoke a clean-cut style that is definitely 21st. century. Yvonne Diedrich has used her extensive knowledge of all forms of roman typeface styles in order to fulfill her objective for Eplica, which in her words, "attempts to form a versatile symbiosis of classical elegance and high legibility with a contemporary calligraphic approach".

Languages Supported

Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Pan African Latin

Available Formats

Truetype (TTF)


Mac & PC Compatible