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  • #9AEFEF
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  • #2AA7E1
  • #0D6CB3
  • #0652A0
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  • #7988AB
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  • #9E8F54
  • #E5E5E5
  • #7F7F7F
  • #404040
  • #000000
  • Katahdin - Round Outline Bold
  • Katahdin - Round Bold
  • Katahdin - Bold
  • Katahdin - Bold Italic
  • Katahdin - Rough Bold
  • Katahdin - Rough Bold Italic

There are 98 glyphs contained in this font, including OpenType variants accessible via OpenType applications.

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  • Katahdin - Round Outline Bold

  • Katahdin - Round Bold

  • Katahdin - Bold

  • Katahdin - Bold Italic

  • Katahdin - Rough Bold

  • Katahdin - Rough Bold Italic


About this font

I’ve only hiked Mount Katahdin once and that was 20 years ago. But the experience left quite an impression on me. It marks an end (or start) to the Appalachian trail, towering over everything around it at 5,269 ft (1,610 m). It is Maine’s tallest mountain. It is legitimately in the middle of nowhere (in the beautiful Baxter State Park). So I set out to create a typeface that was just as imposing. Something loud and grand. Katahdin comes in an all caps clean treatment as well as a more rustic, rough style, a smooth round style, and an outline version of the round style. The standard Bold and Rough styles also come with italics. While it is available to use as a webfont, I cannot encourage use of the rough style via @font-face. In fact, give in a second (or minute) to install in your font management application, as the rough styles are each over 1mb (which is large, due to the detailed nature of each glyph). The digital download includes instant OTF files and a webfont kit for the clean styles. Enjoy!

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Opentype (OTF)


Mac & PC Compatible