Desktop License

Please make sure you check the foundries End User License Agreement (EULA) during checkout to see the terms and conditions of that specific license. Our "General" licensing agreement is not in force for all foundries, only a select few. Desktop is typically the most common type of font license, allowing you to install a font on your desktop computer or laptop for use in all major desktop software pages such as InDesign, Word, Illustrator, and Photoshop, in both Mac and Windows. You need to register the font for every computer where it will be used, so be sure to purchase the correct number of computer users. 

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Webfont License

This gives you the permission to use a font on your website, allowing it to be properly displayed in any web browser. By selecting the webfont license you will receive fonts with the CSS rule @font-face only. Webfonts cannot be installed for use in design, layout, illustration, word-processing or other programs on your computer, they are for online @font-face usage only as you will also need a Desktop license for that type of usage. Webfonts are licensed for a monthly number of page views, and also for the number of domains where they are used. See our webfont FAQ section for more detailed information on this.

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Application License

This gives you permission to use a font in iOS, Android or Windows Phone apps on hand-held devices. App fonts are licenced according to the number of total app installations that will happen across all platforms.

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eBook License

This allows a font to appear in any format that uses embedded e-text, such as eBooks and eMagazines. eBook fonts are licenced for the total number of issues of the publications where they will be used.

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Server License

This allows fonts to be used in applications where users create products containing fonts that aren’t licenced to them personally, such as bespoke business cards or customised T-shirts. This is a one-year licence that needs to be renewed and the cost is based on the number of servers where the font is installed, hence the name.

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Gaming License

This is a specific licence for installing fonts within video games, and in gaming and gambling devices, both portable and kiosk-style, as well as all game-related media. Usage is granted according to the total number of devices specified on purchase. 

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